Is there a God?

Does God exist? Most people think so. But what evidence do we have?


Why does evil exist?

The world continues to suffer unspeakable anguish. If there is a God, why does he allow so much pain?


Are we an accident?

We are surrounded by complex forms of life, both seen and unseen. Is this the product of chance, or by design?


Are we alone?

In our vast universe, we have yet to find any other evidence of life. But what if we did?


Everyone asks the same ones, but we get many different answers.

The problem of evil

There is no doubt that the world is afflicted with pain and anguish. Innocent children are suffering, and cruel and barbaric acts are often committed in the name of God.

If there is a God, then why do we continue to suffer?


Turn or burn forever

Most world religions teach that God loves us very much―yet will allow the vast majority of us to burn in hell forever, without any hope of escape.

How could a just and loving God allow this to happen?


Curse of the ignorant

Many religions claim that those who have never heard their teachings will be tossed in the flames of hell to rot forever after they die.

If this is true, why doesn't God reveal himself to everyone, and give them a chance to learn?


Unequal treatment

Some assert there is an age of accountability at which each person becomes responsible for his destiny.

If two siblings choose the wrong religion and die early, will God cast the fifteen-year-old brother into hell forever, but allow his nine-year-old sister into heaven?

Obvious problems

These are just a handful of the dilemmas popular religions have created in an attempt to explain the existence of God, the problem of evil, and the afterlife. Flawed religious beliefs have created a path of destruction in their wake, including:

  • Mothers drowning their children, in an effort to save them from endless hell
  • Forced religious conversion on threat of death
  • Suicide missions to kill those of different faiths

As a result, many people reject religion altogether.

But what if we got it wrong?

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